HIWIN HG-20-ZZ Dust Proof Accessory Kit


  • Series: HG Series
  • Model Size: 20 mm
  • Kit Code: ZZ (Scraper)

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ZZ Type

Sealing Systems

The HIWIN end seals firstly prevent the ingress of foreign substances such as dust particles, chips, or liquid into the block’s ball tracks and secondly reduce the amount of lubricant lost. HIWIN provides various sealing systems for the various ambient conditions of your application. The effectiveness of the end seal impacts directly on the lifetime of the linear guideway and should therefore be taken into account at the design stage and selected to suit the ambient conditions of your application

ZZ Type Sealing Attributes

  • Wiping Action: Low
  • Displacement Resistance: Low
  • With Scraper: Yes


  • Add “+ZZ” after the specification of linear guideway
    • Example: HGW-25-CC-Z0-C+ZZ

HG Series – Heavy Load Ball Type Linear Guideway

HG series linear guideways are designed with load capacity and rigidity higher than other similar products with circular-arc groove and structure optimization. It features equal load ratings in the radial, reverse radial, and lateral directions, and self-aligning to absorb installation-error. Thus, HIWIN HG series linear guideways can achieve a long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.

Features of HG Series

Self-Aligning Capability

By design, the circular-arc groove has contact points at 45 degrees. HG series can absorb most installation errors due to surface irregularities and provide smooth linear motion through the elastic deformation of rolling elements and the shift of contact points. Self-aligning capability, high accuracy and smooth operation can be obtained with an easy installation.


Because of precision dimensional control, the dimensional tolerance of HG series can be kept in a reasonable range, which means that any blocks and any rails in a specific series can be used together while maintaining dimensional tolerance. And a retainer is added to prevent the balls from falling out when the blocks are removed from the rail.

High Rigidity in All Four Directions

Because of the four-row design, the HG series linear guideway has equal load ratings in the radial, revers radial and lateral directions. Furthermore, the circular-arc groove provides a wide-contact width between the balls and the groove raceway allowing large permissible loads and high rigidity.

HG Series Application Examples

  • Machine Centers
  • NC Lathes
  • Grinding Machines
  • Precision Machining Machines
  • Heavy Cutting Machines
  • Automation Devices
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Devices Requiring High Positional Accuracy


STOVIL is an authorized HIWIN distributor and carries the full line of HIWIN’s HG Series, EG Series, WE Series, RG Series, MG Series, QH Series, QE Series, QW Series, and QR Series Linear Guideway products. STOVIL maintains a large and diverse stock of HIWIN Linear Guideway rail, block, and accessory maintenance kits at our facility in Kennesaw, GA. Our HIWIN Linear Guide Rail product offerings are constantly improving to better accommodate the various needs of our customers including standard lengths of each rail profile and configurators that allow cut-to-order custom rail service.

STOVIL has a large line card tailored to the Industrial Automation market. STOVIL carries many of the top brands in product lines such as: Linear Guideways, Actuators, Ball Screws, Motion Control, Safety Products, Miscellaneous Electrical, Cabinets & Enclosures, Maintenance, Robotics, Servo Motors & Drives, Couplers, VFDs, HMIs & PLCs, Gearboxes, Feedback Devices, and Stepper Motors & Drives. These brands include (but are not limited to): Yaskawa, RTA, Brother, SANYO DENKI, Hitachi, Wieland, Häwa/Haewa, ESA Automation, American Control Electronics, Atlanta Drive Systems, HIWIN, Neugart, Rollon, CGI, Bishop Wisecarver, EDrive, R+W Coupling Technology, Tsubaki, Kabel Schlepp, Nadella, Nexen, Schneeberger, and Exlar. STOVIL is always looking for new partnerships to better serve our customers.

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