R+W Coupling Technology was founded in 1990 and quickly became a market leader in bellows type couplings. Since that time they have established themselves as the technological leader in precision couplings. Their product range is wide and varied and addresses every need they have ever encountered. Otherwise, constant new product development and intensive collaboration with customers and technical institutes keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

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R+W Elastomer Couplings - Series EK

Vibration damping and backlash free

From 0,05 - 25,000 Nm

Precision Coupling

  • Vibration absorbing
  • Electrically insulating
  • Backlash-free
  • Press-fit design
  • Compensation of misalignment
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R+W Line Shafts - Series ZA/EZ

Radial installation and removal possible

From 10 - 25.000 Nm

Precision Coupling

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Standard lengths of up to 6 meters
  • No intermediate support
  • High compensation of misalignment
  • Intermediate tube on gimbals
  • Low moment of inertia
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R+W Torque Limiters - Series SK

Precise torque overload protection and low moment of inertia

From 0.1 - 2,800 Nm

Precision Coupling

  • Single-position re-engagement, multi-position, load holding or full disengagement
  • Stiff, backlash-free design based on R+W's patented principle
  • Compact simple design
  • Low residual friction after disengagement
  • Disengagement in milliseconds
  • Optional stainless steel finish
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R+W Metal Bellows Couplings - Series BK

Flexible and torsionally rigid

From 15 - 10,000 Nm

Precision Coupling

  • For highly dynamic servo axles
  • Absolutely backlash-free
  • Precise manufacture
  • Easy Assembly, press-fit variants
  • Universal application
  • Speed up to 50,000 1/min possible
  • Compensation of misalignment
  • Wear free
  • Low moment of inertia
  • P/N INFO
R+W Miniature Bellows Couplings - Series MK

Zero backlash and infinite life

From 0.05 - 10 Nm

Precision Coupling

  • Standard balancing of up to 20,000 1/min
  • Absolutely backlash-free
  • Precise manufacture
  • High torsion spring stiffness
  • Low resisting forces
  • Easy assembly
  • Economy types available
  • Extremely high speeds possible
  • For all measuring units and control systems
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