TSUBAKI is a name synonymous with excellence in quality, dependability and customer service. An intense focus on research and development, along with continuously modernized production facilities, has resulted in Tsubaki meeting the ever changing needs of the marketplace.

As a part of this vast, international network of corporate and industrial resources, U.S. Tsubaki offers its customers the finest state-of-the-art power transmission products available in the world.

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Tsubaki Roller Chains

With the widest variety of chains on the market, U.S. Tsubaki's premium roller chain products include: self-lube LAMBDA® series chain, corrosion-resistant Neptune® chain, fatigue-resistant super chain, and our latest generation of high-quality, long-lasting ANSI chain.

Appropriate for applications as diverse as food packaging, forklift trucks, oilfield mining, and more, our roller chains provide reliable and powerful performance. To learn more, please select a category below.

Products Available:
  • ANSI Roller Chains
  • Lambda Lube-Free Chains
  • Anticorrosive and Heat-Resistance Chains
  • Specialty Chains
  • Attachment Chains
  • Plastic Chains
  • Chain Tool Accessories
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Tsubaki Engineering Class Chains

With experienced engineers who understand the changing demands of the market, U.S. Tsubaki proudly features heavy-duty engineered chain, designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions across a range of applications. Greater reliability, productivity and wear life are attributes associated with Tsubaki's engineered class product.

U.S. Tsubaki offers a full lineup of engineering class chain, including Drive, Roller Conveyor, Steel Bushed, Welded Steel, Drop Forged, Bar and Pin and more. For additional information, please select a product group below.

Products Available:
  • Engineering Class Drive Chains
  • Roller Conveyor Chains
  • Steel-Brushed Chains
  • Welded Steel Chains
  • Drop Forged Rivetless Chains
  • Bar & Pin and Double Flex Chains
  • Specialty Chains
  • One Touch Inspection Door
  • Industry Specific Chains
  • ​Engineering Class Sprockets
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Tsubaki Power Transmission Components

U.S. Tsubaki is also your source for a wide variety of Tsubakimoto power transmission components manufactured by one of the many Tsubaki global facilities. U.S. Tsubaki's mission is to deliver premier customer service by supplying new application and replacement components to our customers along with technical support.

Our product portfolio includes: Shock Relays, Torque Limiters, Couplings, Gear Motors, POWER-LOCK® keyless locking devices, and Disco variable speed motors. For more information, please select a category below.

Products Available:
  • Power-Lock Keyless Locking Devices
  • Shock Relay Overload Protection Device
  • Disco Variable Speed Motors (VFDs)
Tsubaki Sprockets

Keep your system on the cutting edge with U.S. Tsubaki sprockets, and discover the difference quality makes. U.S. Tsubaki sprockets are manufactured from top-grade , heat treated steel to withstand heavy shock loading, resist abrasion, and provide long service life. Alloy and stainless steel sprockets are also available for extra corrosion resistance and food-grade applications.

Products Available:
  • Roller Chain Sprockets
  • Engineering Class Sprockets
Tsubaki Cable and Hose Carriers

Tsubaki KabelSchlepp is a global company that is focused on having engineering, manufacturing, service, and stocking distribution points strategically located around the world. As the inventor and moving cable and hose carrier industry pioneer, KabelSchlepp has over a half a century of break-through innovation that is perpetually a step ahead of our customer needs. Tsubaki KabelSchlepp dynamic cable and hose carrier/management systems are the active umbilical between the constantly moving and stationary components of your machinery.

Products Available:
  • Dynamic Cable and Hose Carriers
  • ​TotalTrax Turn-Key Systems
  • Cables for Motion
  • Chip Protection
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Tsubaki Cam Clutches

Tsubaki Cam Clutch products are designed to transmit torque in one direction of rotation and overrun in the opposite direction of rotation. All Tsubaki Cam Clutch products utilize the same principles of operation.

Tsubaki offers various series of Cam Clutch products to address the many types of applications where they are most often used.

Products Available:
  • Backstopping Applications
  • Indexing and Overrunning Applications
  • Overrunning and General Applications
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