Hitachi manufactures a complete family of AC Variable Frequency Inverter induction motor drives below 500hp. Four major product families cover a wide array of applications in the industrial, process, and commercial HVAC markets.

Variable Speed Drives save energy by reducing power consumed by motors driving centrifugal pumps, fans and other rotating equipment. By controlling the speed of a motor, the amount of energy used by the machinery is optimized. Reduced energy use translates to reduced carbon (CO2) emissions.

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Hitachi WJ200 Series - Sensorless Vector Control

The WJ200 Series ranges from 100-200VAC and single phase input to three phase output. The WJ200 Series comes with an integrated auto-tuning function for easy sensorless vector control that realizes high starting torque of 200% or greater, suitable for a variety of applications.

Hitachi NE-S1 Series

The Hitachi NE-S1 is our economical and simple to use speed control inverter solution in the popular HP range of 1/2 to 5 hp. The NE-S1 is designed with both OEMs and System Integrators needs in mind with its ultra-compact design, and pre-configured for out of the box integration in most applications.

Hitachi SJ700D Series

Hitachi's SJ700D Series outperforms on performance, capabilities and functions of its predecessor, the Hitachi SJ700B Series. The SJ700D Series comes with improved sensorless vector (SLV) control algorithm, which allows the SJ700D Series to develop 150% torque at 0.5 Hz, ideal for a wide range of applications. Another key upgrade in the SJ700D Series is the addition of Hitachi's EzSQ (Easy Sequence) built-in programming function, which provides the functionality of a PLC built into the inverter.