Wieland Electric

Wieland Electric GmbH is a medium-sized, family-owned company in the electrical and electronics industry, and is headquartered in Bamberg, Germany. The Wieland company, which celebrated its 100-year anniversary in 2010, is among the pioneers in electrical connection technology. The internationally aligned family company, market leader in the area of pluggable installation technology for buildings, maintains worldwide subsidiaries. In addition to the production lines in Bamberg, there are also production units in the Czech Republic and China. Wieland Holding, to which STOCKO Contact GmbH & Co. KG has also belonged since 1998, is represented in over 70 countries, and includes about 2,200 employees.

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Wieland DIN Rail Terminal Blocks - SELOS & FASIS Series

Two product families, two connection technologies - our DIN rail terminal block program is the right choice for each installation task, regardless of application in control cabinets for machinery or plant construction, energy technology or building installation, with screw tension spring connection.

The ultimately flexible DIN rail terminal block systems selos and fasis offer optimum handling and uniform, standardized accessories. This guarantees not only fast wiring time, but also reduces cost of inventory at your facility and in the supply chain.

Customized assembly service, customer-specific solutions, and a comprehensive service portfolio complement our products and facilitate an individual approach to our customers' needs.

Wieland Terminal Strips - EUROPA & KL16

Terminal strips offer a simple, cost effective and time proven way of making reliable electrical connections with a mounting on a flat surface.

Wieland PCB Terminals

PCB terminals and connectors from Wieland are used for connectivity for measurement and control engineering in widely diverse fields. Industrial requirements from machine building and process technology must be satisfied, equally as important as the requirements from building technology and heating, ventilation and air conditioning.​

Products Available
  • Pluggable PCB terminals - wiecon
  • Pluggable PCB terminals (pin strip headers) - wiecon
  • Fixed PCB terminals (solderable) - wiecon
  • RAST 5-technology - wiecon
  • WIEBOX Housing System
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Wieland Safety Technology

Wieland supports and advises customers regarding machine safety over the entire life cycle of a machine or production system. With their safety technology products they offer reliable components of the highest quality, and are able to make a decisive contribution to occupational safety in the operation of modern systems or machines.​

Products Available
  • Senors - Sensor PRO series
  • Relays - Safe Relay series
  • Modules - Samos®
  • Control - Samos® PRO CONTACT
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Wieland Electronics for Control Cabinet - Interface

Whenever power flows and signals are processed, interface products from Wieland Electric demonstrate their unique strength. With the wide offering of relays, the components for power supply and overvoltage protection, as well as the interface modules and analog isolation amplifiers, your application also becomes a genuine multi-talent.

Products Available
  • Ice Cube Relays
  • Coupling Relays / Solid State Relays - flare MOVE
  • Power Supplies - wipos
  • Timer and Switching Relays -flare TIME
  • Measuring and Monitoring Relays - flare CONTROL
  • Analog Amplifier - cores
  • Overvoltage Protection - wietap
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Wieland Network & Fieldbus Systems - WIENET & RICOS

In automation technology, Ethernet communication has become the standard. Our Ethernet switches optimally organize your Ethernet communication - and do so on any medium. The combination of our VPN industrial router and VPN service portal facilitates worldwide and future-proof remote maintenance via the internet.

Products Available
  • Ethernet Switches - wienet
  • I/O Fieldbus System - ricos flex
  • VPN Industrial Router - wienet
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Wieland Heavy Duty Connectors - REVOS

Heavy duty connectors are specifically designed for applications in extremely rough environments. Their modular design makes the distribution of power and signals simple.

Revos handles even the toughest jobs with ease – the robust housings of powder coated aluminum protect against mechanical stress and prevent ingress of splashing water and dirt. The great advantage of the revos connector lies in its modularity and simple connectivity, which drastically simplifies even the most complex wiring applications.

Products Available
  • The Classic Industrial - revos BASIC
  • The Powerful - revos POWERFUL
  • The High Density - revos HD
  • The Compact - revos DD
  • The Flexible - revos FLEX
  • The Mini - revos MINI
  • For EX Areas - revos EX
  • For Data Cables - revos IT
  • The Panel Access Port - revos PORT
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Wieland Building Installation Systems - GESIS

Plug and play – everything can be connected! A breakthrough idea has emerged at Wieland which revolutionizes electrical installation: the gesis® installation system. Highest-grade quality and long-lasting components along with a convincing 70% time and 30% cost savings! The individual gesis® product groups complement each other perfectly and facilitate a simple and economical electrical installation, from distribution panels up to the load. Project specific distribution panels for decentralized power distribution and building automation complete our installation system.

Products Available
  • Insallation Connector - gesis CON / gesis MINI
Wieland Circular Connector for Industry - GESIS RST

Whether one single connection or a complex system, the task presented is the same: a system’s components must be quickly and reliably connected with each other. Even for expansions, periodic maintenance work, or exchange of defective equipment, operational downtimes are reduced to a minimum. With just a few basic components, including connectors, panel mount connectors, distribution units and cable assemblies, complex installations from the distribution panel up to each point of demand can be accomplished. This saves time and costs.

Products Available
  • RST16i3/2 (2-/3-pole) - RST MINI
  • RST16i5/4 (4-/5-pole) - RST MINI
  • RST50i5/4 (4-/5-pole) - RST POWER
  • RST20i 2, 3, 4, & 5-pole - gesis RST
  • RST25i 3 & 5-pole - gesis RST
  • RST for Heavy Duty Applications - gesis RST
  • For Data Cables - revos IT
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Wieland Circular Connector for Photovoltaics - GESIS PST / RST

With the round connector system gesis® IP+, Wieland Electric offers the perfect solution for your photovoltaic system. Whether on the AC side with the product line RST, or the DC side with the product line PST - solar systems are installed quickly and without error. The result is clear savings in time and costs.

Products Available
  • PST40i 1-pole - gesis PST
  • RST25i 3-pole - gesis RST
Wieland Wire Management - Wire Duct

Fast and easy installation and assembly.

  • Mounting slots on all sizes of duct Two sizes of oblong mounting holes alternating on 2 inch centers
  • Snap-off side wall fingers. Permits enlarging slot for lead-offs of any size wire or wire bundle. Pre-scored for smooth snap-off surfaces. No tools or cutting required
  • Duct part numbers include channel AND cover for easy ordering
  • Standard length 2 meter (6’6”) – 8% more than competitive duct
  • Sizes from ¾” (wide) x ¾” (high) up to 5” x 2 ¾”
Wieland Wire Management - Wire Markers

Wieland offers two styles of wire markers. K Markers are wide labels commonly zip tied to the wire or conduit, while Z markers offer the convenience of snap-on installation on the wire jacket.

Wieland Circuit Protection Products Available
  • Circuit Breakers
  • CC, Midget, and J Class Fuse Holders
  • DIN Rail Outlets
Wieland Power Bus System Industrial - PODIS

Remote power distribution and automation - economy and high flexibility are the key factors in modern system planning. Especially for power distribution, innovative approaches and solutions are in demand. Intelligent installation systems replace the classical star distribution. Wieland offers you a holistic concept for power distribution, e.g. in conveying technology and industrial systems. Passive and active fieldbus distributors, connectors and comprehensive accessories are available for your overall solution.

Products Available
  • Power Bus - podis CON
  • Field Distributors - podis MOT
  • AS-i Connection - podis SWITCH
  • Motor Starter on the AS-i - podis MUC / MSS
  • LED Lights on Power Bus - podis LED
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Wieland Building Automation - GESIS Electronic

Plug & play with decentralized building automation based on KNX, LON or wireless. In order to remain marketable, modern commercial buildings must be equipped with intelligent building automation. The demands placed on the automation systems are high. The installation architecture and its functionality must be as quick to modify as the rapidly changing usage requirements. The multi-faceted advantages achieved with the speed and flexibility of gesis® are clear for superior facility management. Whether via KNX, LON, or wireless – with the components of the gesis® ELECTRONIC program, bus topologies can be built efficiently and at low cost, and flexibly configured to the customer's wishes.

Products Available
  • The Future of Room Automation - compact, modular, pluggable - gesis FLEX
  • Modular devices for flexible and decentralized installation - gesis RM
  • Modular devices for structured and sustainable installation - gesis EIV B
  • Modular devices for clearly laid out and sustainable installation - gesis EIV M2
  • Room automation and system devices - gesis KNX
  • Radio-controlled modular devices for independent units - gesis RC
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