Motion Control

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Yaskawa MPIEC Controllers

The MPIEC controllers incorporate IEC61131-3 and PLCopen programming standards within their motion engine allowing up to 62 axes of motion control.

Products Available
  • MP3200iec - up to 62 Axes
  • MP3300iec - up to 32 Axes
  • MP2310iec - up to 16 Axes
  • MP2300Siec - up to 16 Axes
  • MP2600iec -1.5 Axis
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Yaskawa Remote IO

Yaskawa offers a wide range of IO modules that can meet your application's remote IO needs. Yaskawa offers both MECHATROLINK and EtherNet/IP remote IOs that are supported by MotionWorks IEC. Other fieldbus IOs are also available.

Products Available
  • VIPA SLIO Modules - E/IP supported by MotionWorks IEC
  • Yaskawa Remote IO Modules - offered in M-II and M-III
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Yaskawa MP Series

The MP Series controllers are a part of Yaskawa's non-IEC controllers offering that allow up to 256 axes of motion control. They are programmed with the MotionWorks v5 and v6 softwares.

Products Available
  • MP2300 - up to 48 Axes
  • MP2200 - up to 256 Axes
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