Sanyo Denki

Sanyo Denki, founded in 1927, was the first company to mass produce stepper motors in 1960 (starting with a variable reluctance motor with a 15 degree step angle).Since thoseearly days, Sanyo Denki has become the sleeping giant of the industry, producing over 800 different models for applications running from disk drives, printers, medical equipment, machine tools, to specialty motors for use in outer space and in clean rooms for sub-micron machining. Since that time, they have expanded into all types of motors and drives.

​Millons of Sanyo Denki motors are in the field working hard and reliably everday. Today, extraordinary factory automation enables Sanyo Denki to produce 500,000 motors a month. If your needs are many or few, Sanyo Denki can provide World Class ISO 9002 stepper motors for your project or product.

With over 800 different models, their products have found greatest favour as candidates for CNC retro-fits and new CNC machine designs. They use the more commonly available and economical two phase drivers and software, and range from a Nema 11, 4.5 ounce/inch, up to a Nema size 42, 2,690 ounce/inch brute (which only needs a 6 amp driver!).

SanMotion is the brand name for Sanyo Denki motion control systems. Sanyo Denki is a worldwide provider of stepping and servo systems and is known for high qaulity, reliability, and state of the art design. SanMotion components are used in a variety of industries including medical, semiconductor, factory automation, and defense/aerospace.

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Sanyo Denki SANMOTION R Series
  • Closed Loop SERVO System Step/Dir., PLC Mode, Serial Mode
  • 120 - 240VAC or DC Input
  • Hi-Res 131,000 PPR Encoders & Absolute Encoders
  • Simple Menu Driven Programming
  • Motor Sizes 30 Watts to 15KW​
  • P/N INFO
Sanyo Denki SANMOTION K Series

A DC servo system made up of highly responsive servo amplifiers that feature easy setup for optimal operation and servo motors with low speed ripple operations by combining with a high resolution encoder.

Sanyo Denki SANMOTION F2 Two Phase Stepping System

​Includes a driver and motor for a DC input set model (unipolar/bipolar specifications) with a high torque motor base angle of 1.80, and covers a wide variety of applications, including industrial machining, financial terminals, and manufacturing equipment for copiers or semi-conductors.

Sanyo Denki SANMOTION F3 Three Phase Stepping System

The 3-phase stepping motors have a basic step angle of 1.2°. These stepping systems are suitable for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and conveying machines.

Sanyo Denki SANMOTION F5 Five Phase Stepping System

Highly responsive product with low vibration that includes a driver and motor for DC input and AC input set models with a motor base angle of 0.72o, and covers a wide variety of low vibration applications, including general industry machinery and manufacturing equipment for semi-conductors.

Sanyo Denki SANMOTION PB Series

Closed Loop Stepping System.

Combines the advantages of our AC servo system and stepping motors. This series has achieved high speed, acceleration, and deceleration, and is compact and superior in terms of cost-performance.