Genuine HIWIN QEW-20-CC-ZA-C Block


  • Series: QE Series
  • Block Type: W (Flange Type)
  • Model Size: 20 mm
  • Load Type: C (Heavy Load)
  • Block Mounting Type: C (Mounting from Top or Bottom)
  • Preload Code: ZA (Light Preload)
  • Precision Code: C (Normal)
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The QEW-20-CC-ZA-C in Brief

The HIWIN part number QEW-20-CC-ZA-C is a QE Series Linear Guide Block. The QEW-20-CC-ZA-C is compatible with 20 mm QE (EG) Series Guide Rail. It is suitable for heavy load duty and has a flange type mounting surface that can accept mounting bolts through the top or bottom of the mounting surface. To help maintain precision for many industrial applications, the QEW-20-CC-ZA-C has a light preload and normal-level precision grade (in relation to other QE Series blocks).

QE Series – Low Profile Linear Guideway, with SynchMotion™ Technology

The development of QE linear guideway is based on a four-row circular-arc contact. The QE series linear guideway with SynchMotion™ Technology offers smooth movement, superior lubrication, quieter operation and longer running life. Therefore, the QE linear guideway has broad industrial applicability. In the high-tech industry where high speed, low noise, and reduced dust generation is required, the QE series is interchangeable with the EG series.

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