Wieland Heavy Duty Connectors – REVOS

Wieland Electric

Heavy duty connectors are specifically designed for applications in extremely rough environments. Their modular design makes the distribution of power and signals simple.

Revos handles even the toughest jobs with ease – the robust housings of powder coated aluminum protect against mechanical stress and prevent ingress of splashing water and dirt. The great advantage of the revos connector lies in its modularity and simple connectivity, which drastically simplifies even the most complex wiring applications.

Products Available

  • The Classic Industrial – revos BASIC
  • The Powerful – revos POWERFUL
  • The High Density – revos HD
  • The Compact – revos DD
  • The Flexible – revos FLEX
  • The Mini – revos MINI
  • For EX Areas – revos EX
  • For Data Cables – revos IT
  • The Panel Access Port – revos PORT
  • P/N INFO

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