Wieland Circular Connector for Industry – GESIS RST

Wieland Electric

Whether one single connection or a complex system, the task presented is the same: a system’s components must be quickly and reliably connected with each other. Even for expansions, periodic maintenance work, or exchange of defective equipment, operational downtimes are reduced to a minimum. With just a few basic components, including connectors, panel mount connectors, distribution units and cable assemblies, complex installations from the distribution panel up to each point of demand can be accomplished. This saves time and costs.

Products Available

  • RST16i3/2 (2-/3-pole) – RST MINI
  • RST16i5/4 (4-/5-pole) – RST MINI
  • RST50i5/4 (4-/5-pole) – RST POWER
  • RST20i 2, 3, 4, & 5-pole – gesis RST
  • RST25i 3 & 5-pole – gesis RST
  • RST for Heavy Duty Applications – gesis RST
  • For Data Cables – revos IT
  • P/N INFO

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