Genuine HIWIN MG (Narrow) Series 12 mm Size Rail Standard Lengths


MGNR12H Rail Standard Lengths Common Data:

  • Pitch (P): 25 mm / 0.98 in
  • Distance to End (E): 10 mm / 0.39 in
  • Max. Standard Length: 1995 mm / 78.54 in
  • Number of Mounting Holes at Max. Standard Length: 80
  • Max. Length: 2000 mm / 78.74 in
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Diagram of key variables for dimensions of HIWIN Linear Guideway Rail
  • L = Length of Rail
  • P = Pitch of Rail (distance between mounting holes on center)
  • E = “E” Dimension (distance from the edge of the rail to the first mounting hole on center)

Rail Details:

  • All HIWIN-branded Block and Rail is genuine and made in Taiwan
  • Each cut is made within ± 0.5 mm
  • Each rail includes green mounting hole caps
  • The edges of each end are ground / deburred for easy block installation

MG Series – Miniature Linear Guideway

Features of MGN Series

Design features of narrow type miniature guideways- MGN:

  1. Tiny and light weight, suitable for miniature equipment.
  2. Gothic arch contact design can sustain loads from all directions and offer high rigidity and high accuracy.
  3. Specification with ball retainers would avoid ball falling when the blocks are removed from rails.
  4. Interchangeable types are available in certain sizes and precision grades.

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