Genuine HIWIN CG Series 30 mm Size Rail Standard Lengths


CGR30 Rail Standard Lengths Common Data:

  • Pitch (P): 80 mm / 3.15 in
  • Distance to End (E): 20 mm / 0.79 in
  • Max. Standard Length: 3960 mm / 155.91 in
  • Number of Mounting Holes at Max. Standard Length: 50
  • Max. Length: 4000 mm / 157.48 in
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Diagram of key variables for dimensions of HIWIN Linear Guideway Rail
  • L = Length of Rail
  • P = Pitch of Rail (distance between mounting holes on center)
  • E = “E” Dimension (distance from the edge of the rail to the first mounting hole on center)

Rail Details:

  • All HIWIN-branded Block and Rail is genuine and made in Taiwan
  • Each cut is made within ± 0.5 mm
  • Each rail includes green mounting hole caps
  • The edges of each end are ground / deburred for easy block installation

CG Series – Superior Rolling Moment with Cover Strip Linear Guideway

CG series linear guideways are a four-row arc-tooth contact type, featuring high rigidity, high load, and high torsional resistance. It also has four-way load characteristics. This specification can be matched with the latest slide dustproof accessories.

Features of CG Series

High Rolling Moment Resistance

CG rail designed with DB type (also known as o arrangement) has longer range of moment compared do DF type (also known as x arrangement). It is suitable for applications that have larger rolling moment.

Optimal Recirculation Path

Better smoothness due to integrated component.

Better Protection

The CG series uses a metal scraper as a standard accessory for protection against high temperature chips and particles.

Latest Dustproof Accessory for Rail

The CG series offers a special stainless cover strip for better dust protection than standard bolt caps.

Full Lubrication

Specially designed for short stroke motion (HIWIN patent design).