Touch Screen Terminals

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ESA Automation EW100

EW-100 is the new HMI generation based on a modern and powerful architecture that connects visualization to supervision and control of your applications.

  • Preloaded Everyware runtime
  • SNTP Server and Client
  • Aluminum Front Side PTFE coating
  • True Flat Touch Screen
  • Status LEDs on front
  • CPU Arm Cortex A8 1 GHz
  • Ram DDR3
  • Internal Memory 3 Gbyte
  • SDHC v2.0 (up to 25 Mbyte/s)
  • High Bright 16 Millions Colors Display
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ESA Automation SC Series

Entry-level solution SC HMI equipped with ABS plastic chassis that guarantees great sturdiness and durability.

  • Ethernet port for programming and communication with the field
  • A dual RS232/RS485 serial port with COM0 port functionality, the ESA’s OPEN serial port enables communication with all with any kind of custom solution.
  • High technology combined with wide connectivity.
  • All SC terminals can be programmed thanks to ESA Automation software SmartClick.
  • Sizes: 3.5” (SC103) , 7” (SC107) and 10" (SC110)
  • White LED back-lighting and TRUE-FLAT touch screen
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ESA Automation IT Series

The IT family offers a range of products from the 4.3” screens with 32 tones of grey or colors to the powerful 15”.

  • SP1 serial port
  • USB port for configuring a terminal.
  • COM0 port (RS-232), USB port (host type) for connecting peripheral devices, for easy data import/export on a USB pen drive and for printing reports.
  • SP2 serial port, Profibus-DP or ProfiNet interface.
  • 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port (double Ethernet port available on IT110, IT112 e IT115 models).
  • Slot for Secure Digital and MultiMedia Card memory connection.
  • Second slot Compact Flash memory connection (available only on IT110, IT112 and IT115 models).
  • Extended range power supply ..32 Vdc with very low power consumption.
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ESA Automation VT Series

VT operator terminals ensure maximum availability of drivers and a full coverage of the PLC market and of other devices, such as drives, inverters and temperature controllers, including:

  • Profi bus-DP at 12 Mbit/s (addressing up to 127 terminals).
  • Interbus-S at 500 Kbit/s (addressing up to 127 terminals).
  • CAN (through built-in port or external adapter).
  • Modbus in master and slave mode.
  • TCP/IP protocol support.
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