Tsubaki Engineering Class Chains

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With experienced engineers who understand the changing demands of the market, U.S. Tsubaki proudly features heavy-duty engineered chain, designed to withstand rigorous operating conditions across a range of applications. Greater reliability, productivity and wear life are attributes associated with Tsubaki’s engineered class product.

U.S. Tsubaki offers a full lineup of engineering class chain, including Drive, Roller Conveyor, Steel Bushed, Welded Steel, Drop Forged, Bar and Pin and more. For additional information, please select a product group below.

Products Available:

  • Engineering Class Drive Chains
  • Roller Conveyor Chains
  • Steel-Brushed Chains
  • Welded Steel Chains
  • Drop Forged Rivetless Chains
  • Bar & Pin and Double Flex Chains
  • Specialty Chains
  • One Touch Inspection Door
  • Industry Specific Chains
  • ​Engineering Class Sprockets
  • P/N INFO

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