Rollon X-Rail


The TEX30 offers linear whisper speeds of up to 60″/sec. Its radial ball bearings design allows for minimal friction between rail and bearing with a coefficient of friction of 0.01. Low friction provides excellent running characters even where other bearings bind or “stick”.

ROLLON’s size 30 X-Rail system represents one of the most suitable radial bearings design on the market presently. Yet it offers great load carrying abilities of up to 180lbs. per slider in its upright position. The rail measures a width of 1 1/8″ and a height of roughly 4/5″ including the slider.

The TEX30 rail is made of 316 stainless steel, its bearings of 440 stainless steel. The bearings are sealed and grease packet for life. The none harden rails make it a breeze to modify or customize them.

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