Rollon Telescopic Rail


Rollon’s Telescopic Rail family is divided into the following types of products: Telescopic slides with hardened races; Telescopic slides with non-hardened races; and Semi-telescopic slides with rails that extend more than half of their length out of either side of the fixed part of the slide.

  • Telescopic Rails are made from cold-drawn bearing steel – never from bent sheet metal.
  • They have hardened 60 HRc races to provide the smoothest movement at all times.
  • They work well with shocks and vibrations that render other slides inoperative immediately.
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  • They have minimal deflection at the tip of the fully extended slide – even while carrying maximum loads.
  • They can reach strokes of over 2 m (6.5 ft) in one direction and can double that by doing the same out the other side.
  • Telescopic rails are also available in custom extended or reduced stroke

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