Rollon Curviline


The creativity of design engineering pushes the need for a variety of motions to the limits. Standard rotary or linear motion products do not always provide an answer. That is where the Curvi Line alternative opens a variety of design possibilities. Curvi Line is the only motion solution available that can be made to your specification. This provides you with the ultimate in creativity and flexibility.

  • Zinc-plated rails bent to your specification in low quantities
  • 3 or 4 lubed for life, high precision rollers
  • Specially designed “swivel sliders” provide consistent motion
  • Loads from 400N (90 lbf) to 1130N (254 lbf)
  • Radius as small as 120mm (4.72″)
  • Maximum rail length 3140mm (123.6″)
  • Standard curves of 45° and 90°
  • Constant radius curves
  • Variable and multiple radius rails
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