Rollon Compact Rail

This linear motion guide-rail system is an easy, precision roller bearing solution that allows for rail mis-alignment in both out-of-parallel and out-of-plane conditions. With the large rolling elements used inside the ROLLON Compact sliders, dirt and contamination are less of a problem than with that of recirculating-ball carriages. Since the Compact rail sliders run on an induction heat treated steel surface, they are able to move very fast, very quite, and with an extremely low coefficient of friction. The standard “NTE” style slider has a full body lateral seal, spring energized scrapers, and a felt wick reservoir at each end for complete self-lubrication. The easy preload setting for every Compact Guide-rail slider can be set according to the exact needs of the application so as to maintain stiffness and a low coefficient of friction.

  • Each of the guide-rail series is known by the dimension across the back of the rail mounting surface: 18, 18mm or .71″; 28, 28mm or 1.10″; 43, 43mm or 1.69″; 63, 63mm or 2.43″
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