HIWIN Articulated Robots


Hiwin Corporation Six-Axis articulated robots are used when complex motions, faster cycle time, and high repeatability are priorities. These robots consist of six rotary axis with absolute encoders. This allows for unlimited orientations and point combinations while maintaining up to 20µm repeatability.

Applications include pick-and-place, part handling, assembly, machine tending, light machining, dispensing, inspection, scanning and more.

  • Hiwin can assist you with reliable components and complete subsystems with a Hiwin electric gripper, adapter plate, vision system, RTU and more. Consult with a Hiwin engineer.
  • Electric Rotary Joint also sold separately.
  • Manipulator, Tech Pendant, controller and cables are all included.
  • Software and updates are free. Offline version available for PC based programming.
  • Strong and reliable. Select the model that meets your strength and reach requirements in a light and compact form.
  • 8 models to choose from.
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