Exlar GSM Series Electric Linear Actuator

Exlar’s GSM Series electric linear actuators are a superior and cost effective alternative to traditional electric, hydraulic and ball screw systems. The compact design is the culmination of advanced roller screw technology and an integral brushless servo motor. This robust electric linear actuator is ideal for a variety of medium- to high-performance applications. With GSM actuators, everything from food and beverage packaging, to multi-axis turning centers, to aircraft assembly can be done cleaner, faster, and more accurately and efficiently.

  • Electric Linear Actuator
  • Continuous force up to 3,457 lbf (15 kN)
  • Speeds up to 37.5 in/s (952 mm/s)
  • Strokes from 3 to 18 in (75 to 450 mm)
  • Voltage ratings from 115 – 460 VRMS and 24 – 48 VDC
  • Compact size
  • Class 1, Division 2 options available
  • P/N INFO

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